Black Bird Bookstore

We Are Moving One Block Away!

February 2022

In the blurry days of 2020, with the sands shifting beneath so much of what we knew and loved, the neighborhood learned that the beloved 3 Fish Studios folks were moving their studio to the foothills of the Sierras. I remember feeling two strong feelings all at once - deep sadness to lose such incredible neighborhood people and also excitement for these creative spirits to be closer to the nature they so inspirationally bring into their artwork. When they told me they were hoping for a similarly community-oriented business to take over their building, and I saw a space twice the size for so many more books and events, a spark was lit for what is now the new home for Black Bird: 4541 Irving Street.

It took many yarns to spin this into reality, but here we are. I can taste it, we are so close to opening the doors and sharing the block with new neighbors, Hook Fish, Mollusk Surf Shop, Yoga Beach and of course The Last Straw. But first...what is happening over on Judah?

Our last day open selling books on Judah St will be Saturday February 26th, 2022. And we need your help with any or all of the below:

1) Buy lots and lots of books between now and February 26th. It means less books for us to pack up and move over! You can buy in-store or online at our website

2) Join our Community Caravan of Moving Books from Judah to Irving on Sunday February 27th starting at 11am at 4033 Judah and going all day until the old store is empty. Bring your wagons, strollers, and strong arms. We would love to hand you a box or two of books to wheel or walk the one block to 4541 Irving St. (And you will get an early sneak peek of the new bookstore space!) Please RSVP below.

3) Please spread the word that we have moved. Feel free to insert small details like 'I heard they will have pretty cool books there' or start a rumor to peak interest like 'Yeah, I am pretty sure they will be selling books at the new location but I did hear something about an airbrushed t-shirt shop. Who knows? Let's go check it out.'

We do not yet have an opening date for the new store, but we are hopeful for an early March soft opening. 

Thank you all for your endless support! I hope to see you in the caravan on Sunday 2/27.  I am so excited to show you the new store.