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You and me could write a bad romance

February 2023

I want your love, and I want your revenge

I want your love, I don't wanna be friends

-Lady Gaga


You were tall but I was taller. So I bent my knees as I grasped the chain link fence behind me and tried to not look directly into your eyes. Your hair was brown but mine was browner. And I wondered about that as you pointed to Lollie, her hair bright red and stick straight. My fingers clutched the fence so hard it rattled or was that my 11 year old heart breaking? This game of who likes who more had begun.

                                                     *      *      *

Please join us here at Black Bird for an evening conceived and hosted by the Outer Sunset’s very own Lex Leifheit with special guest author and Oakland native Iris Fluellen. Open mic will follow the readings and we expect y’all to bring all your broken, patched up but scarred hearts to it.

See you Friday!