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All Tomorrow’s Train Rides

by Matthew M. Monte

Matthew M. Monte offers up an odyssey of reading and poetic memory.

All Tomorrow's Train Rides is an odyssey of reading and poetic memory. What begins as a single day in a worker's commute morphs into a Möbius loop of literary history and cultural consciousness. "Where do we read and whom?" is a question that drives the nostalgia, dread, and humor of this collection. Riddled with geographical coordinates and commentary, this book of interdependent poems explores the idea of "living in translation" and fuses the formal aesthetics of cartography to our relationships with people, places, books, and the natural world.

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Published April 2023

Sixteen Rivers Press

Paperback, 112 pages

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"Matthew Monte writes in the specifics of speech and memory, pulling the reader along his urban coastline of abandoned dreams and possible destinations. This extraordinary book is filled with the noise and silence of the everyday and is underscored throughout with beauty, examination, and compassion. 
Read these fine poems and encounter some part of your own unvoiced life."--Beau Beausoleil, author of A Glyphic House: New and Selected Poems 1976-2019