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Encyclopedia of Insects: an illustrated guide to nature's most weird and wonderful bugs - Contains over 300 insects!

by Jules Howard
Dive into the world of creepy-crawlies in this Encyclopedia of Insects

Packed with hundreds of bugs, every one is looked at in fascinating detail by natural history expert Jules Howard. 

From the cutest and most beautiful, to the deadliest and most disgusting, there's something for everyone in this book which highlights the importance of the insect world. Plus, find out what actually makes an insect, an insect – with guest entries from the non-insects: centipedes, spiders, woodlice, and snails. 

Featuring 300 bugs!
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Published June 2020

Wide Eyed Editions

Hardcover, 160 pages

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"This well-crafted, eye-opening insect compendium is perfect for beginning researchers, browsers, and nature enthusiasts."―Anne Chapman Callaghan, School Library Journal