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It's a Good Day to Change the World: Inspiration and Advice for a Feminist Future

by Lauren Schiller, Hadley Dynak, and Rosy Petri

30 stories of feminist change to fire you up without burning you out.

What does it take to achieve an equal, just, and joy-filled world―and how do we sustain ourselves when the work is daunting?

Lauren Schiller and Hadley Dynak, the award-winning team behind the nationally syndicated Inflection Pointpodcast and radio show about women’s power in our modern world, have created an essential guide for action drawn from their interviews with groundbreaking activists, authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who have mobilized change and can show us the way. In It’s a Good Day to Change the World, readers learn from established icons and meet new ones, too. From Ijeoma Oluo to Sarah Silverman, each trailblazer’s story features firsthand narratives and vibrant illustrations. The authors highlight key takeaways for change, along with strategies to keep going.

Discover how to push new ideas forward, the significance of building solidarity, the liberating power of laughter, the importance of valuing your own time, and more. Advancing social justice can be a long road, but change is possible.

This energizing book is an optimistic reminder to care for ourselves and each other along the way.

in Our Country, Our Culture
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Published February 2023

Countryman Press

Hardcover, 200 pages

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