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The Little Book of Living Small

by Laura Fenton

A comprehensive guide to small-space secrets and real-life solutions for living in 1,200 square feet or less.

The Little Book of Living Small offers practical, everyday advice for managing a tight footprint. It features twelve case study homes in which style-savvy, small-space dwellers (from singles to families of four) open their doors and share their design secrets. Stylistically these homes range from urban to rural, minimalist to bohemian, with the unifying thread that they are all real homes of 1,200 square feet or less and offer clever solutions for you to use in your own home.

Highly engaging with lists, tips, and actionable advice, The Little Book of Living Small shows readers how to make the most of limited square footage―with grace and style―and serves as the cheerleader readers need to help themselves feel satisfied and proud of their choice to live with less.

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Published April 2020

Gibbs Smith

Hardcover, 224 pages

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“It’s not about what you ‘give up’ to go small, but rather strategic solutions and thoughtful consideration over every corner of your space. The Little Book of Living Small offers an unfiltered and inspiring peek into real small spaces that may just give you the push you need to scale down your own home.” -- Stephanie Sisco, Home Director ― Real Simple