Black Bird Bookstore

Art Show: Jamae Tasker + Sami Freeman

Jamae and Sami will be launching their visual art opening and ‘Space Bath’ audio experience here at Black Bird on Friday, March 22nd from 6-9pm, where, alongside immersing yourself in art, you can write a letter to your future self on one of Jamae’s postcards - that will be mailed out to you a year from the date. 
Decades-long resident of and teacher in the Outer Sunset of SF, Jamae Tasker began her creative practice when making hundreds of protest signs in 2020 that she and other community members placed on the Great Highway here in our neighborhood. Her practice has since developed into collage art as a way of processing the world, personal events and emotions. 

"I just made a person. And then I made another person. And I'm sure I've made over 100 people since then. So it [collage art] was sort of accidental, but it felt good ... I imagine I am in all of them in some way." - Jamae

Outer Sunset-based composer and songwriter Sami Freeman wrote her first song on the piano at 6 years old. When a dance major at UCLA, a sprained ankle turned her attention back to the piano. She started writing her own songs for other dancers, propelling the start of her music career.

"Everything inspires my work. People, nature, other artists ... something I read in a book, or something I'm cooking" - Sami