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Flower Pop-Up: Karen of Bright Moments SF

Neighborhood florist Karen Ver Trinidad of Bright Moments returns to Black Bird to celebrate the mothers and guardians of the Outer Sunset (and beyond) with floral bouquets on Saturday, May 11th from 9:30am-2pm! Pre-orders for pick up are also available on her website (link in bio).

 “I want to invest in my community by being that neighborhood florist for the Outer Sunset.”

Karen was drawn to the beauty of flowers during her time as an editor in the film industry, where she began using arrangements as a way of bringing life to her dark, often isolating, workspace. Eventually, with the encouragement of family and friends who received her bouquets as gifts, she decided to pursue her flower career full-time and open her own business, Bright Moments.

“When you see a rose that is completely different than all the other roses that you’ve ever seen, it’s like magic ... that’s what I want to do with my business, is use flowers to create those magical moments in people’s lives.” 

Karen intentionally sources florals from hyperlocal farms and partners with local ceramicists, leading to the uniqueness of her arrangements as well as a level of community-building and intentionality that she feels is missing from the floral industry at large.
To Karen, flowers provide time and space to slow down and witness the beauty of life in an often fast-paced world.
 “Investing your effort and your time in taking care of the people around you - that uplifts so many lives, including your own.”