Black Bird Bookstore

Fog and Light

April 2023

Dear Readers,

I, like you, am exhausted by the media. The word choices skew just dramatic and doomsday enough to get your primal attention heightened and then... 'Weekend pants you don't have to take off on Monday'. Oh, what is that (click)? An escape hatch from (a dramatically exaggerated) reality through consuming. Yes, please! 
Are we really going to let this happen to us?
Our fair city has now become a favorite national media 'drama'. San Francisco is being covered in words like 'doom,' 'dangerous' and 'dystopian'. If you ask me, these words better describe the state of the media itself. 

And yet this moment calls for us to reclaim the defining descriptors of our wondrous city. And what better way than through the native tongue of our city: poetry.  I am thrilled to welcome over twenty San Francisco poets to Black Bird on Friday night to do just this. Please join us.
Our city is Fog and Light.
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