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There is Still Joy

25 years ago I chained myself across Fifth Avenue in New York City with a dozen other activists blocking then mayor Rudy Guiliani from joining the annual Pride Parade. We were protesting his stated mission to ‘clean up NYC’ or, to use modern day parlance, to ‘make America great again’. We were clever in our antics, jumping the barricades while hiding heavy chains with padlocks and posters under our clothes. The media photos showed us momentarily blocking Guiliani with our messages denouncing his criminalization of communities of color, LGBTQ+ people, unsheltered folks, and others. It felt like a symbolic moment and I was left with hope. 
Yet here we are today with book bans, legal shenanigans, and almost daily new erosions on human rights including protests at children’s book readings that feature one of our culture’s greatest symbols of self-expression and empowerment–drag queens.  
This weekend Black Bird is hosting Drag Queen Story Hour, a nationally beloved book-centered event for children modeling strength in diversity, self-love, and creative expression. Hosting this event feels for me as much an act of resistance as that morning on Fifth Ave...and so much more. Celebrating self-expression for children - and ourselves! - while having fun, acting silly, and being fabulous is a much needed reminder that there is joy in humanity
I invite you all - young and old - to join us this Saturday at 11am for this very special event. 
Drag Queen Story Hour this Saturday! 
Saturday, July 9th at 11am. 
Drag Queen Story Hour with Lil' Miss Hot Mess reading from her books 'The Hips on the Drag Queen go Swish, Swish, Swish' and the newly released 'If You're a Drag Queen and You Know It'. Afterwards, a conversation with Virgie Tovar. Free and open to everyone. 
**This will replace the 9:30am Storytime for Children. Join at 11am instead!
Poster describing Drag Queen Story Hour event details with image of Lil Miss Hot Mess and book cover.
Upcoming Events & Happenings:
July 9th: Storytime will be at 11am with Drag Queen Story Hour
July 10th: 10am Beach Clean Up with Great Highway Park
July 16th: 9:30am Storytime with local author Marta Lindsey and her book 'Golden Gate Park: An A to Z Adventure' 
July 23rd: 9:30am Storytime with Mimi and her Puppets
July 30th: 9:30am Storytime with Mimi and her Puppets
And we are very excited to announce we are hosting a pop-up with 3 Fish Studios on Saturday Aug 6th. Stay tuned for more details!!
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