Black Bird Bookstore

Art Opening w/Mel Waters

Local artist and muralist Mel Waters shares his work for an 8 week show at Black Bird. Mel’s current work explores and celebrates everyday people, places and things that are often otherwise overlooked.

Mel Waters is a Black and Filipino Artist whose current works explore and celebrate everyday people, places and things that are often otherwise overlooked, through a lens of American history, racism and challenging manipulative and misleading media narratives. His focus is on BIPOC communities and the intersection of past and present.

Mel was born in San Francisco, CA and his earliest art influences include graffiti, hip hop and comic books. He is an accomplished muralist, with large works around the city, as well as an experienced tattoo artist who apprenticed under Dean Dennis and was the owner of Moonrise Tattoo in the Sunset District. He is currently working as a full time studio artist.