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Art Show Opening w/ Charles Fabbiani III

Opening night for San Francisco-native film photographer Charles “Chuck” Fabbiani III’'s solo art show, giving light to the city locals.

Charles Fabbiani III (known in the photography world as 35mmpelicula) is a San Francisco native that finds beauty in everyday surroundings; cars, the urban landscape, and the people of San Francisco. As a film photographer, he is able to capture the moments in the city that are looked over and/or lost in time. In 2018, 35mmpelicula started to see his city change in a way that was unfamiliar and began using an SLR film camera to document not only the city but also his life. Over time the camera and eye has developed to a more precise method but his ideals have remained the same: to give light to the locals of San Francisco.

Show on the walls from June 28 - July 28.