Black Bird Bookstore

Author Event w/Megumi Lorna Inouye


Join local author and packaging artist Megumi Lorna Inouye for the launch of her debut book The Soul of Gift Wrapping, a guide to gift wrapping inspired by the Japanese Art of Giving.

Drawing on the gift-giving traditions of her Japanese heritage, Megumi Inouye explores how the act of giving a thoughtfully wrapped gift can be a creative, caring act for both the giver and the receiver. Using recycled and repurposed materials, Inouye’s approach inspires readers to think intentionally about the presentation of every gift. Detailed step-by-step photos teach Inouye's artful approach to every aspect of wrapping—including tape-free folding, paper and fabric bows, clever message tags, and one-of-a-kind approaches for odd-shaped items—and guide readers in creating their own unique gift presentations.

Megumi Lorna Inouye is a gift wrapping and packaging artist. Known for her sustainable wrapping designs and creative innovations, she encourages repurposing, utilizing everyday things around us and using organic and recyclable items. She attributes her passion for gift wrapping to her Japanese heritage and the cultural values that underlie the meaning behind the art of giving. Find her online at

Doors at 6:30pm | Free