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Author Event w/Patrick Trefz

Santa Cruz-based photographer/filmmaker Patrick Trefz, known for documenting surf culture, shares his new cookbook, Ode to Travel, with recipes, photos and travel experiences through the lens of food. Rusty Ladle will be serving Salda Badago, a Basque recipe featured in the book, alongside Manresa Bakery bread and French-style radishes with butter and salt.

About Ode to Travel: Acclaimed chef, surfer, and photographer Patrick Trefz in his third powerHouse title scours the globe to hone in on spots offering tasty visuals of innovative local dishes, supreme surfing nooks, and camaraderie with fellow chef surfers. Includes thirty-nine regional recipes.

From Tunis to Teahupo’o, Stornoway to Salina Cruz, New York to Berlin, São Paolo, and Paris—award-winning photographer and filmmaker Patrick Trefz mixes the metropolitan and the deeply rural by bringing food and culture from across the globe into his latest book of recipes and photographs, Ode to Travel. Famed throughout the surf world for his decades of magazine-cover-worthy images, Trefz has also become known in food circles for his work documenting the farm-to-table movement and championing traditions of regional cuisine. Ode to Travel captures Trefz’ innate ability as a traveler to become part of the scenes he finds himself in—not merely as an observer, but as a participant. Connecting landscape and seascape, people and food, Ode to Travel celebrates a world view of a globe deeply layered, how cultures define communities from the ground (and the sea) up in the form of its food and traditions, and the simple pleasures that bring color to living. Ode to Travel includes 39 recipes from the places Trefz has come to know intimately; each recipe included is an invitation to experience the local communities through their flavors and traditions. Includes contributions by monumental land artist Jim Denevan, three-star Michelin chef and Manresa restaurateur David Kinch, and Voyage of the Cormorant author and Surfboards California owner and craftsman Christian Beamish.

Patrick Trefz is a chef, painter and filmmaker. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Surfer’s Journal, Juxtapoz, Vogue, and others. Trefz’s four length documentaries, Thread, Idiosyncrasies, Surfers’ Blood, and Man in the Field have received widespread critical acclaim and recognition in international film festivals (HotDocs, SXSW, SSIFF). He has published three books of photography, Visions of Surf City, Thread, and Surfers’ Blood. His work focuses on a deep sense of place, and identity by way of environment. Through his films and photos, he thoroughly integrates himself in the worlds he captures.

Doors at 6:30pm | Free