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Author Reading w/ Stu Krieger

Join us for an evening with the writer of the childhood favorite The Land Before Time, who will be sharing his latest book.

Since 2006, Stu Krieger has been a professor in University of California Riverside’s Department of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production. From 2001–2020, he also taught one class per year at USC’s prestigious Peter Stark Producing Program. Prior to his move to full-time academia, he was a film and television writer with more than thirty produced credits, including co-writing the Emmy-winning miniseries, A Year in the Life, writing the screenplay for the animated classic, The Land Before Time, and writing or co-writing eleven Disney Channel Original Movies. He has also written the novel That One Cigarette published in 2017. Krieger can be found online on Facebook, TikTok, and on Instagram @stukrieger.

In Raft, Clark Whitaker needs a break. His kids are driving him batty, his marriage has hit a rough patch, and his job as a children’s book author and illustrator is a creative nightmare. It’s enough to make any self-respecting man walk headlong into traffic. Fortunately for Clark, he’s about to get gobsmacked with perspective when he wakes up one morning to discover ... he’s a penguin! Told in the four voices of the Whitaker family members, this funny and touching tale by award-winning screenwriter Stu Krieger follows one suburban family through an unforgettable summer as they flock together to solve the most unusual riddle of their lives.

Hilariously written in multiple narratives from the perspectives of a father who spontaneously turns into a penguin; a wife who is barely hanging on given the stresses of marriage, motherhood...and being wed to a penguin; and their angsty teenaged son and daughter, Raft offers a glimpse into the highs, lows, and hijinks of one Los Angeles family trying to stay afloat. This page-turner reminds us all that being able to see the world through other points-of-view, learning to laugh together, and celebrating family bonds is what life is all about.