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Author Storytime w/ Akilah Trinay

Join local author Akilah Trinay and her daughter Ziana for a reading of Potty-Training Day, a storybook that celebrates the space between curiosity and fear around potty training.

About Potty-Training Day: For ZiZi and Mommy it is all about the journey. Every parent wants the process to be quick, but what happens if it takes a little longer?

Potty Training is not a one-size-fits-all process, and everyone experiences it differently. Potty-Training Day celebrates that space in between where your little one is curious and ready and as a parent you are eager and scared for what a potty-trained baby really means.

Oakland native Akilah Trinay is the author of the self-published novel Beyond the Hurt and the highly anticipated sequel, More than Enough. Apart from her successful role as CEO of Revision Publishing LLC, she is also an educational specialist and co-founder of Our Collective Impact LLC. She lives in the Bay Area with her daughter and her significant other.