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Author Storytime w/Renee Padgett

Local children's author/educator and renowned San Francisco Bay Area children's music artist hosts a musical storytime with movement.

Life on the Pond is Wonderful is a counting book from one to ten. Kingston is a frog with two moms. They are a few of the characters that live on and around the Pond in the town of Walking Sideways. Their family is awaiting baby tadpoles, it's almost hatching time. Kingston is excited to meet them and thinks about all the ways he can help them learn what's important. "Life on the Pond is Wonderful" is a dream that Kingston has one night after going to sleep and thinking about teaching his new siblings important things, like counting. His dream includes many of the beautiful creatures that live on the pond. All of the characters and scenes are made from felt and photographed. One Ray of sun, two lily pads... 9 baby tadpoles, 10 fish. This is a lyric book, the lyrics are to the song Life on the Pond, which is track #2 on the album Got Tricks by, Walking Sideways creator, Renee Padgett. The QR code printed on the back of the book is a link to the official music video for the song, it is a stop action video using the same characters represented in the pages of this book.

Renee Padgett is an early child educator and renowned San Francisco Bay Area children's music artist. Her career in Early Childhood Education began in 1995, as did her love of children's books and literature. Her latest music CD, "Got Tricks," is a suite of songs that correlate with original positive-purpose stories authored and illustrated by Renee. Her first two albums focused on gross motor development. As a BIPOC lesbian woman, Renee is sensitive to a wide variety of listeners and readers. Her stories have a rhythmic flow, engaging visuals, and imaginative content.