Black Bird Bookstore

Storytime w/ Sandra Salsbury

An author storytime with local author Sandra Salsbury who reads from her new book Spreckle’s Snack Surprise, a celebration of found family, experimentation, disappointment, and delightful surprises, plus what’s truly important in life—delicious snacks.


Spreckle the dragon lives on a farm with her loving family of chickens. It is a fine home, but she is fed up with their diet of dried corn and slugs. So Spreckle explores the bounty of snacks the farm has to offer, but nothing hits the spot. Will this hungry dragon with a burning need for the perfect snack ever find satisfaction?

Sandra Salsbury is a children’s book illustrator who also sometimes writes books. She was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and has lived there ever since. She shares her home with her husband and daughter, where they enjoy taking walks and hosting the occasional visit from the neighbor’s chickens. The chickens enjoy eating garden pests and flinging dirt everywhere. Sandra’s favorite Popsicle flavor is coconut.

9:30AM   |   FREE