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Author Storytime w/ Stephanie Wildman

Author Stephanie Wildman hosts storytime, reading from her new storybook Breath by Breath, a story about using breath work to fall asleep.

In this bedtime story, twins Flor and Roberto wonder how they can possibly go on an adventure at the same time as they go to sleep. Big brother Luis guides them in an exercise through their bodies, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. Following the gentle inhale and exhale of their breath, Flor and Roberto find love and calm inside and all around them as they drift off to sleep. Bonus content provides direction for mapping your own body scan.

Stephanie Wildman, author of three children’s books, all from Lawley Publishing, became a Professor Emerita after serving as the John A. and Elizabeth H. Sutro Chair at Santa Clara Law. She directed the school’s Center for Social Justice and Public Service. In 2007, the Society of American Law Teachers, the largest national organization of law school faculty, honored her with their Great Teacher Award.