Black Bird Bookstore

Life Mapping Workshop w/ Heather Box

A life mapping workshop with local writer and author of How Your Story Sets You Free Heather Box.

What to Expect:

Life Mapping Exercise: Engage in a guided life mapping exercise, a powerful tool to explore and articulate significant moments. This exercise serves as a catalyst for your personal storytelling journey, whether you aspire to deliver a TED talk or share more authentically with your friends and colleagues.

Storytelling Techniques: Learn effective storytelling techniques from Heather, empowering you to craft and communicate your narratives with authenticity and impact.

Community Bonding: Create a supportive space for community members to share experiences and discover common ground, fostering stronger relationships within our diverse and inclusive community.

Empowerment: Encourage women to embrace their voices and stories, empowering individuals to be visible and contribute to a more inclusive historical narrative.

Whether you're a seasoned storyteller or just starting your journey, this workshop is an opportunity to connect, be inspired, and celebrate the stories that shape our lives. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to sharing this empowering evening with you!

Heather Box is a writer, activist, and trainer who works in partnership with change makers around the globe to support them to use their voice and tell their personal stories. She is the co-founder and CEO of the Million Person Project a global project about love, storytelling and connecting change makers and the co-author of How Your Story Sets You Free by Chronicle Books.