Black Bird Bookstore

Storytime w/Anna Wong

Local author and illustrator Anna Wong joins us for a Lunar New Year storytime, reading from her storybook 'Doubly Happy ABCs for ABCs', a playfully visual book, written in rhyme, to celebrate everyday objects from Chinese culture.

From Abacus to Zongzi, discover the richness of Chinese heritage in Doubly Happy: ABCs for ABCsColorful, vibrant and happy, the book appeals to all ages. 

San Francisco author and illustrator Anna Wong incorporates aspects of Chinese culture in her life without being strict on following the traditions exactly. An American Born Chinese, she considers herself doubly happy and doubly lucky to be of both Chinese and American heritage. Through her books, Anna proudly shares Chinese symbolism found in everyday objects.

Anna is a graphic designer, world traveler, gourmet cook, dance and art patron, marathoner with a sweet tooth, and a dragon. She is the fun and proud aunt of 14 nieces and nephews spanning 20 years, from a little baby to young adults. Anna loves spoiling them on their overnight visits and showing them her city, chasing sunrises and sunsets. She has no qualms serving ice cream for breakfast, making them walk endless miles or hunting for the best boba from local shops twice in a day, for multiple days. The same, in the quest for the city’s tastiest pastries...and XLB...and pineapple buns.

Her books are created to open a door for Chinese culture. She wants her young relatives to know and take pride in their roots. In sharing with a larger community, she hopes we can uplift and respect each other. Always joyfully.