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Storytime w/ Rachel Levin

Join us at Black Bird for an Author Storytime with San Franciscan Rachel Levin, in support of her latest book WHO ATE WHAT? (ages 5 and up).


The beautifully illustrated book explores a variety of high-interest historical groups across time and space, giving a fascinating glimpse into cuisines and eating habits at key moments in history – from Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs, to Qing Emperors and astronauts, pirates, ninjas and more.

Rachel Levin is a San Francisco journalist and author, who often covers food, travel, and cultural trends, as well as the occasional Instagrammer hunter, speed-dating mother, and incarcerated marathoner. She has written about adult campers and audiobook narrators, bear whisperers and raccoon wranglers, uncrowded national parks and over-crowded mountain towns, posh motels, piano men, and more, for the New Yorker, the New York Times’ Travel, Styles, and Kids sections, Outside, Bon Appetit, the Wall Street Journal, the Cut, T magazine, Eater, as its’ first San Francisco restaurant critic, and elsewhere.

Apart from a stint as a reporter for the Martha’s Vineyard Times, Rachel has lived in San Francisco since fleeing central New York’s snowbelt, where she graduated with honors from Colgate University with a degree in Philosophy. She is a member of the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto and the Ruby, and lives with her family at the top of an absurdly steep hill.

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